Jenna's journal
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today is April 26, 2010 i am so excited to get my website
up to date it is a beautiful day and i think spring is finally
here, today we saw a newborn calf at my friend Ken's farm

April 28, 2010 i went bowling yesterday and had a score
of 103, today is as windy as ever in Bishop

May 3, 10 i had a great weekend, my mom and i went to
the choo choo swap meet on saturday on sunday we did
some hiking in the buttermilk mountains and then drove up
to crowley lake we had a delicious lunch there, i even ate
some roasted garlic and it was wonderful

May 6 my bowling score today was 130!

May 10, 2010 mother's day was yesterday, i gave mom a
new fishing license, she was thrilled. my friend, Greg, took
me out to breakfast and gave me a new license too, so now
we can go fishing again. we love to fish and there are lots of
great places to go around here. the weather here continues
to be crazy, it is still very chilly and windy.

May 18, 2010 our weather is finally getting better, it is
sunny and warm today. last friday i went to breakfast with
my friend, Greg, at tom's place, then we fed the ducks. On
saturday, my mom and i helped our friend, kristi, celebrate
her dad's life. on sunday, we took care of our huge yard
and finished the day at a friends house. i played my favorite
game, wizard 101, i am now on level 19! on monday, i
played my violin and madeline during the soup kitchen at
our methodist church in town.

May 31, 2010 i had a blast riding on the hospital float for
our mule day's parade, i played my violin with fiddlin pete.
after the parade i walked all over to the craft fair and the
fairgrounds, the mules are fun to visit. i bought a mule day's
jacket, a mule day's hat, a butterfly shirt, and a really cool
fairy picture. i think summer is here finally it is starting to get
very warm.

June 8, 2010 summer is here and it is really, really hot.
thank heaven for my friend's swimming pool. i am looking
forward to the high school rodeo finals that will be here
next week and getting to see my rodeo queen friends. the
week after that i get to go to disneyland!