Jenna's family photos
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this is my mom and my sister joleen and me at grapevine canyon in nevada, cooling off after the rodeo in laughlin.
this is me and my dad at the winter ball
these are my favorite cousins in the world!!
sarah. shaun. kate. and my sister too.
we are haveing fun at my 18th birthday party and it was fun
my mom, aunt lisa and aunt lori  3 happy sisters.
aunt lisa and uncle gordon.
me and joleen under a waterfall somewhere in alaska it was so cool
me and uncle tim in new orleans. i ate catfish and alligator and frog legs..mmm..
shivering cold at fossil falls on our way to bishop in the eastern sierras.
joleen caught day dreaming at keough hot springs. another place we like to go in the sierras.
nobody loves me like my nana loves me.  she is my friend and i love to spend time at her house.  we go swimming and to the movies and we watch the PBR and lakers together.  she is my favorite.
lori and tim took us through the streets of new orleans.  we had fun
standing tall
uncle gary has been a big influence in my life.  he motivates me