Jenna's animal photos
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this is my dog teddy and me. i am loving my dog a lot. he is  a sweet dog i can have for a long time thanks 
me and joleen and binx
this is me and my cat oreo. we are on my moms bed and looking at the tv i think
this is teddy again.  he travels with me all time.  we are in yosemite.  he is sniffing the air for bears.  we just missed two of them.  he found brook trout instead.
joleen and spring, our baby wallaby.
my turn to feed the red ruffed lemurs   at wildlife on wheels
4 orphaned baby raccoons waiting for a warm bottle.
loving on cassie
roarrrrrrrr.....nope just a big bobcat yawn
this is sierra.  she is a baby cougar.  she is quite a handful at just 3 months old.
i really love the lemurs